De Nederlandse Bootlieden Vereniging

De Nederlandse Bootlieden VerenigingSinds 1977

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The Dutch Boatmen Association (DBA) is founded in 1977. The DBA is the trade organisation for all Dutch Boatmen and her aim is to promote the interests of her members, to advise her members and to exchange experiences.

The requirements concerning training and eduction for Dutch boatmen are recognized by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Since 1983 all Dutch boatmen follow the training to achieve the official ‘boatmen certificate’. Certified boatmen are registered in the Dutch Boatmen Register. Please contact the local port authority for further details about the requirement concerning boatmen.

The quality of service is a high priority and therefore the DBA expect an active contribution from her members in maintaining and improving their performances. The DBA complies to the Quality Management System standard: ISO 9001 and  VCA. Most of the boatmen have an first aid certificate and/or an ADN certifcate.

The DBA is a member of the European Boatmen’s Association (EBA) and the International Boatmen’s Linesmen’s Association (IBLA). The EBA and IBLA represents boatmen from all over the world, thier institutions and organizations and stimulates professional development and professional activities.

The DBA has developed her own general terms and conditions (Nederlandse Bootlieden Condities 2023). All affliated members use these terms and conditions.

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